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Rabidfest's main festival partner for 2024 is Devolution Magazine


All proceeds will be donated to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation

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Rabidfest is Oxfordshire’s only rock and metal festival; setting the stage for the most exciting, energetic and electrifying bands to put on the best shows right in the heart of Oxford.  Over the past three years, Rabidfest has witnessed unmissable sets from international icons in metal such as Diamondhead, Blaze Bayley, Discharge, Conan, Bound in Fear, Divine Chaos, Ingested and many more, supported by the very best up-and-coming heavy metal and hard rock talent. 


Whether you’re a casual live-music fan, or a metal and rock fanatic, there will always be a place for you. Rabidfest is a friendly, welcoming event where we all share the same passion for absolutely unforgettable music experiences. Rabidfest prides itself on showcasing what the past, present and future metal and rock scenes have to offer, from across the UK and beyond - and the next chapter in metal history takes place at Rabidfest 2024.


We don’t just host must-attend metal festivals. We’re bringing heavy metal and hard rock home.

Come join the family.

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