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Rabidfest 2019

Spanning the weekend of 16-18 August, Rabidfest 2019 took Oxford by storm with an unrivaled showcase of metal and hard rock acts. Ranging from local heroes to world renowned metal icons; Rabidfest offered a local metal festival lineup to appeal to those of various tastes in heavy music.


Rabidfest 2019 was headlined by Troyen, Conan and Ingested - with phenomenal support up and coming metal and hard rock acts in Red Method, Fahran, Desert Storm, Confessions of a Traitor, Imminent Annihilation, Papa Shango, VIG, Bast, Ascaris, Hell's Gazelles, Kinasis, Dog Tired, Damaged Reich, Democratus, Gutlocker, My Diablo, The Five Hundred, Broken Empire, The Final Clause of Tacitus, Dirty Casuals, Bloodshot, Villainous, The Crushing, A/M and King Bolete.


Check out the highlights from Rabidfest 2019 here.

All credit given to Luke Bateman Photography -

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