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Rabidfest 2021

Spanning the weekend of 6th & 7th November Rabidfest 2021 took Oxford by storm with an unrivaled showcase of metal and hard rock acts. Ranging from local heroes to world renowned metal icons; Rabidfest offered a local metal festival lineup to appeal to those of various tastes in heavy music.


Rabidfest 2021 was headlined by Diamond Head and Exist Immortal - with phenomenal support up and coming metal and hard rock acts including Divine Chaos, Memoriam, Red Rum, Blood Oath, Bloodshot, The Hope Burden, Promethean Reign, Tyrants, Siderian, K-Lacura, Shoot to Kill, Arimea, Weaponry, Odysseus and Jokers Parade.


Check out the highlights from Rabidfest 2021 here.

All credit given to Dave Curtis - @dcurtis_photo

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