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Oxfordshire's only Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Festival returns in 2019 to put Oxford on the map for UK indoor festivals. We offer a fantastic mix of bands and styles to suit everyone's tastes, featuring the very best of local Oxfordshire talent and some of the most exciting, energetic bands from around the UK and beyond.


26 Nov 2017

OK, so here's the moment you've all been waiting for. Here's our Saturday Headliner:

We are extremely proud to announce that Tragedy are our Saturday Headliner. Our brothers from across the pond need no introduction and are no strangers to our shores. These guys know how to bring the party too.

If you're allergic to smiling be afraid... be very afraid. Tragedy sweats glitter and cums confetti!

We also have a few other bands to tell you about!!!

We are proud to welcome back to their previous billing in 2017, Oxford's biggest export - Desert Storm. These guys did one of the best sets of OXROX ALIVE and they were pretty much top of our list for 2018!!

But that's not all (as you can probably guess from the logos)......

Please welcome Psychedelic Rock band Raptor. This trio from Herefordshire do not disappoint either. Adding to the spectrum of Rock and Metal at RABIDFEST, Raptor are sure to keep the party going long after they finish their set!

Finally, and by no means least, we are very excited t...

5 Nov 2017

Its Sunday and again we have even more bands to release!! We think another three should do it!!

First up, its returning band, One For Sorrow. We thoroughly enjoyed their set at OXROX ALIVE 2017 so are delighted to welcome them back for a second year. They've been tearing up the London metal circuit for over 5 years now and have a large and dedicated following thanks to their distinct and memorable grooves. Don't miss them!

Next up are well-armed with gnarly riffs and posh accents. Gutlocker will be chauffeured all the way from Woking in the Surrey Hills, This grumpy 4-piece have an exciting blend of sludge and groove metal, oh,... and don't forget to bow or curtsy when you see them!

Our final band today are Bloodshot from Whitney, Oxfordshire. Another fantastic local band that have recently released their first EP. With a great live act, these guys will definitely keep the party going. Come show your support!

Well that is it for today, although there is a distant, strange smell in the...

29 Oct 2017

So this is it!! Its time to release some much anticipated news.....

Firstly, we are delighted and a little aroused to announce that our Friday Headliner will be none other that Divine Chaos. These guys need little introduction, but for those of you know aren't quite so familiar, this Slough-based 5 piece are a true embodiment powerful, memorable Thrash/Speed Metal. Their influences include Megadeth, Pantera, Testamant, early Metallica, and Sepultura to name a few.

Next up, we have 2 more bands we've been dying to announce. First up are local boys fresh from Bloodstock 2017, K-Lacura. Coming from Oxfordshire's heartland - Didcot, K-Lacura bring a balanced spread of Metal genres into their music.

Our final band are one of the most exciting bands around. They are Reading's only Stoner/Blues band - Morass of Molasses. Another highly respected band that blend all your favourite sins into a rich odious syrup... they will rot your teeth.

So now we've released the majority of the bands, its only f...

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