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Oxfordshire's only Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Festival returns in 2019 to put Oxford on the map for UK indoor festivals. We offer a fantastic mix of bands and styles to suit everyone's tastes, featuring the very best of local Oxfordshire talent and some of the most exciting, energetic bands from around the UK and beyond.


15 Sep 2017

We are proud to announce that WE ARE BACK!! After the success of OXROX ALIVE in August 2017, where we saw Blaze Bayley and Guns 2 Roses headline, we are coming back with RABIDFEST!! 2018 will be bigger, heavier and much busier as we aim to bring in some of the best bands in the country (and maybe a few from further afield?) right here to South Oxfordshire. We have re-branded for 2 reasons; the first is a licencing issue - we simply don't own the name any more. The second reason is we think it sounds way better!!

As part of the launch, we are very pleased to announce the first 3 bands. They are:




Please give all 3 bands a Rabid welcome!!

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