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Yes.... Even more bands!!

Its Sunday and again we have even more bands to release!! We think another three should do it!!

First up, its returning band, One For Sorrow. We thoroughly enjoyed their set at OXROX ALIVE 2017 so are delighted to welcome them back for a second year. They've been tearing up the London metal circuit for over 5 years now and have a large and dedicated following thanks to their distinct and memorable grooves. Don't miss them!

Next up are well-armed with gnarly riffs and posh accents. Gutlocker will be chauffeured all the way from Woking in the Surrey Hills, This grumpy 4-piece have an exciting blend of sludge and groove metal, oh,... and don't forget to bow or curtsy when you see them!

Our final band today are Bloodshot from Whitney, Oxfordshire. Another fantastic local band that have recently released their first EP. With a great live act, these guys will definitely keep the party going. Come show your support!

Well that is it for today, although there is a distant, strange smell in the air.....

.... I'd say it faintly smells of a headliner?? Who can tell?


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