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RABIDFEST 2018 Around the Corner

Its just over 70 days until RABIDFEST 2018 and we cannot wait!! The bands are booked, food sorted, entertainment sourced, and the beer chilled! We know how much everyone enjoyed themselves last year and we KNOW that 2018 is going to be even better!

So if you came last year and enjoyed yourself, come again! If you didn't make it last year, we'll let you off just this once, because we know you'll buy a ticket. In doing so you will be supporting our chosen charity - RACPA UK, and we have an even bigger charity auction with even more incredible items (to be revealed soon!)

All we ask is that you support your scene by buying tickets - not just to our event - but to any gig or festival you can make it to!

Weekend Ticket: £30 / £35 OTD

Day Ticket: £20 / £25 OTD

Camping Ticket: £5 Online Only

Cya in the pit!


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