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Rabidfest 2021 Band Announcement 2

We’ve got another 2 bands to announce to the Rabidfest 2021 lineup!

YAAAARRRR! Bringing the filthiest shanties, drinking all the grog and threatening with a Keelhauling if we don’t give them the stage - It's RedRum! Hailing from the county of Nottinghamshire sails a band of cut-throat pirates, epic rum guzzlers and blood-thirsty warriors! A mighty pirate themed battle band shaped by the majesty of classical music, the rowdiness of folk, the balls of metal, rum, ale, lager, mead, cider, vodka, whiskey and gin! The countless voyages of Red Rum have truly cemented their place in the folk metal world.

Our next band of the day are as prolific as they are brutal! We are proud to bring Tyrants to Oxford, and they’ll be taking the last remaining Sunday slot to complete our Sunday schedule. Tyrants have only been around for about a year and bring their blend of Hardcore and Death metal from Swindon, making them one of the most eagerly anticipated bands to come from the town in a long time!

Don’t forget to buy your ticket now from

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