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We’re back for 2021! It’s gonna be a killer year and we’ve got loads to tell you about. 🔥

Rabidfest 2021 will take place on Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th November at The Bullingdon, Oxford. With a few more exciting bands to be added to our brand new Sunday lineup. Weekend and day tickets are on sale now from as little as £10 plus booking fee - grab your tickets here: 🔥

We are super proud to re-announce our main festival partner for 2021 - Devolution Magazine who will be sponsoring the stage! Devolution Magazine are the UK’s number one true independent alternative music and lifestyle magazine, and we’re looking forward to the Devolution team joining us at the biggest metal party Oxford has to offer. For the latest news and opinions on everything alternative, head over to 🔥

Rabidfest is delighted to announce that our chosen charity partner for 2021 is Restore. RESTORE is an oxford-based mental health charity that works closely with the local community, providing vital support and assistance. We feel passionately about raising awareness and funds for local causes so we will be donating the proceeds from 2021’s event to RESTORE. 🔥

Check out the RESTORE website:

and Facebook page:

Reg. Charity No. 274222

We’re proud to announce that for the third consecutive year, Rabidfest will be partnered with Ever Metal. Ever Metal have been blessing the underground metal scene for a number of years; with fantastic reviews, cutting edge interviews and everything in between. They have helped Rabidfest grow to what it is today- it’s truly a pleasure to once again have Rick and Beth and Ever Metal team with us for Rabidfest 2021! 🔥

Check out the Ever Metal website:

and Facebook page:

We are also delighted to announce that we are also partnered with Metallum Sub Terra. We have worked with Phil and the MST team for many years and we are excited to work with them for yet another year. They work tirelessly to bring the metal community great reviews and interviews as well as all the underground news you could want. They have also helped Rabidfest grow to what it is today and it is our pleasure to welcome them back to Rabidfest 2021! 🔥

Check out the MST website:

and Facebook page:

Our next partner and Merch provider is none other than Moomin Merchandise. We’ve worked with Dave and Moomin Merch since the very beginning of Rabidfest and beyond so we are delighted to welcome him back! Keep a look out very soon for our new lines of Rabidfest merchandise via our website! 🔥

Check out the Moomin Merch website:

and Facebook page:

Our final festival partner is Crush Cancer. Crush Cancer feels passionately about bringing the heavy metal music scene together in order to fight against this terrible life-changing disease and we fully support their noble cause in any way we can! 🔥

Check out their Facebook page:

Right, now onto the bands!

Firstly, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond anyone’s control, Footprints In The Custard are not able to return to the 2021 lineup, but do not fear, for we will be announcing a replacement imminently. We mourn this tragic loss but we also have a feeling we may see them again one day ;) 🔥

Our first band to re-announce is our SUNDAY HEADLINER!! Hailing from Tyneside, this band have been on the circuit for nearly 10 years and have never missed a beat. Combining brutal deathcore with pure filth, their sound is one of this country’s heaviest bands and not to be missed! Please make some noise for Osiah 🔥

Supporting Osiah on Sunday evening and having played last year’s event where they pulled off a blinding set is Bloodshot. They’ve had a lineup change since then and are now ready to show Oxford what they can do. Please welcome back one of Oxford’s heaviest bands! 🔥

Joining Osiah and Bloodshot are Oxfordshire’s own metalcore outfit Severed Tongues. We’re excited to see what Severed Tongues can bring to the Rabidfest party so don’t miss out! 🔥

Rabidfest Sunday this year is going to start the evening with a band that totally blew us away in the band applications - Odysseus. Odysseus really stood out amongst 350+ applications and we’re really excited to bring them to Oxford! 🔥

Next up are our Saturday opening band Sleeper 404. This young, technically gifted thrash band from Oxford have been impressing us for a few years now and we’re looking forward to seeing them take the stage at Rabidfest. 🔥

Our next band to re-confirm is another local band who have been making a lot of noise in a very short space of time. Arimea brings a unique blend of melodic metal and alternative sounds to the party which can’t be missed! 🔥

Next up is an Oxford favourite that has been around for many years. Please welcome back K-Lacura to Rabidfest. K-Lacura are an Oxford fan favourite - if you haven’t heard of them yet, where have you been? 🔥

The next band to re-confirm is Oxford’s M2TM Final Winners for 2019, The Hope Burden. The Hope Burden brings a brand of ambient post-metal to Oxford that is rarely seen locally. It is an absolute pleasure to welcome them back! 🔥

Our final band to re-announce today, is none other than Leicester blackened death metallers BLOOD OATH. They will be unleashing their face ripping riffs and blood stained cataclysm upon Oxford for the first time and we’re stoked to have them on the lineup! 🔥

Phew! That was a long one (HA!) We’re super excited to bring you this year’s event and we can’t wait until November! Tickets are on sale now for as little as £10 plus booking fee!!! To buy your ticket now, please go to


- Rabidfest HQ

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